Frogpond 32.1 • 2009

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Tan Renga

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           Cobalt Canyon—A 36-link Colorenga


Linda Papanicolaou (LMP), California
Ellen Compton (EC), D.C.
Roberta Beary (RB), D.C.
Robert P. Moyer (RPM), North Carolina
Lenard D. Moore (LDM), North Carolina;
Carlos Colón (CC), Louisiana
Lane Parker (LP), California
Dave Russo (DWR), North Carolina
Jim Swift (JS), British Columbia

Jet Blue sparks from the landing gear LMP
adding cornflowers to her wedding bouquet EC
the molten sky about to burst RB
clouds moving across the back yard pool RPM
the bruise on her thigh pimpled in the chill LDM
denim jacket slumped on the folding chair LP
azure as Delores Demure CC
taking the sapphires out of the dinner ring DWR
sunset in cobalt canyon—the sky turns green JS
wine dark sea the oars of the trireme LMP
he substitutes lime for the margarita EC
split pea soup the third day in a row RB
indigestion shows on her face RPM
Pepto-Bismol printed on the chalkboard LDM
ECNALUBMA the red light changes CC
the chameleon stares at the accident scene DWR
desert camouflage another unit called up LMP
a tie dyed shirt bleeds in the wash RB
the new flag on the lesbian couple’s porch RPM
the sandpaper worn out LDM
Dylan record at the bridge game one more cup of coffee CC
swapping hunting stories slug of bourbon DWR
banana split a scoop of peppermint LMP
the stoplight stuck on yellow all night long RB
in his eyes the jaundice RPM
a wedge of lemon left on the saucer LDM
renga writer lost in the corn maze CC
month without rain the rose leaves wither and fall DWR
sweet violets a faded potpourri LMP
jeans missing check the daughter’s rear end RB
the singer howls his lover gone RPM
through the window the lake swells LDM
bottom of the toilet bowl turquoise necklace CC
earthquake the Ming vase in shards LMP
second marriage his eyes too the color of slate RB
her indigo bra caps the bedpost at dusk LDM