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HSA Regions

Oregon Region

Oregon has been an independent HSA region since 2008, but has a prominent haiku history that stretches back many decades. It began with one of the earliest English-language haiku organizations, the Western World Haiku Society, founded by Lorraine Ellis Harr in 1972. She also published the haiku journal Dragonfly from 1972 to 1984.
For the last thirty years, several local haiku writing groups have operated at various times around the state, and during the last two decades, we have organized numerous haiku meetings and events, including the Basho Bash, Haiku Summit, Haiku North America (1997), regional HSA meetings, and several national quarterly HSA meetings. When paired with Washington State as part of the Haiku Northwest group (before becoming its own HSA region), Oregon also contributed frequently to Northwest regional haiku anthologies.

Please contact the current Oregon regional coordinator for more information.

Regional Links

Margaret Chula & Katsura Press

Ant Ant Ant Ant Ant

Mountains and Rivers Press


Lorraine Ellis Harr

Oregon Poetry Association, (OPA)


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Regional Member News & Events 2016

The Oregon HSA members are planning the Summer HSA regional conference to be held in Portland, Oregon on Friday evening Aug. 12, all day Saturday Aug. 13, and Sunday morning Aug. 14. We will be featuring anthology readings, workshops by Michael Dylan Welch and Margaret Chula, a special performance by Jim Rodriguez and Michele Schafer, a haibun reading by Johnny Baranski, and  a tour of the newly expanded Japanese Garden (also an optional Friday morning Bike tour). In Addition we will have lots of fun!

View PDF documents of the Portland Conference Schedule & Portland Hotel Options

It is not too late to register for the upcoming Regional HSA conference in Portland to be held 8-12 thru 8/14 (for those who can only attend one day- most activities and workshops are on Sat. 8/13). Registration deadline has been extended to 7/15. If you are interested, please contact Shelley Baker-Gard at sbakergard@msn.com for information, or see the HSA state of Oregon link from the HSA website for the complete schedule. http://www.hsa-haiku.org/regions/Oregon.htm

Other News

Three HSA members from Portland (Shelley Baker-Gard, Carolyn Winkler ) and Vancouver, WA (Johnny Baranski) attended the Vancouver BC haiku group meeting on 6/26. We were given royal treatment and had many laughs. We took a tour of their beautiful Chinese Garden followed by a dinner at a local Japanese restaurant. While we were in the garden, a heron landed on one of the tiled roof tops and watched us watch him preen for over a half hour. Vancouver BC has the largest Great Blue Heron rookery in the world. The herons seem particularly unafraid of humans, which reflects on the friendliness and hospitality of the city's citizens. --Johnny

The kukai for the Vancouver BC group, led by Angela Naccarato, had a theme of erotic haiku, which turned out to be a big hit as it was the most attended meeting they had ever had (hint to state coordinators and other leaders of haiku groups).  Before the reading of the submitted haiku, two of the members provided a historical and contemporary presentation on erotic haiku. Jacquie Pearce provided a handout on reference books including one entitled Erotic Haiku edited and translated by Hiroaki Sato. It was a great weekend and several Vancouver BC members  will be attending the Portland HSA conference.



Regional Coordinator

Shelley Baker-Gard
1647 SE Sherrett St
Portland, OR 97202



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