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on the street
to the infusion center
drifting petals

Paul Kulwatno

in a field of now and forever old blue car

Chad Lee Robinson


a flight of beers
the many timbres
of sunlight

Agnes Eva Savich

the scent of something dead
the retriever
wears home

Marsh Muirhead


crumbs on a park bench
a robin stares
right through us

Ross Moore

a piccolo
plays the leitmotif
cottonwood snow

Sarah Metzler


ice forming
in the tractor ruts
the milky way

Paul Chambers

still blue
on the car display
the empty river

Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco


sunken hardhat
a few minnows resting
from the current

Chuck Brickley

ollying down stairs
her mother teresa

John Pappas


scholar's garden
a broken fencepost
leans inward

Roland Packer

silent until
it hits the trees
morning rain

Bryan Rickert



sock hop
he wears big brother's
letterman jacket

Randy Brooks