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squash blossoms
the ribbon on her dress

Patricia J. Machmiller
    San Jose, California


our yesterday behind the blinds

Richard Gilbert
    Kumamoto, Japan


braiding my daughter's hair—
just enough tension

Carol Ann Palomba
    Wanaque, NJ

   back from Goodwill
we find one more
   shabby dress

Steve Addiss
    Midlothian, VA


grounded by her
make believe friend

Tom Painting
    Atlanta, GA

paper stars
I try on
his last name

Aubrie Cox
    Taylorville, IL


ebbing tide
she rolls her skirt
above her knees

Mary Kipps
    Sterling, VA


after the windstorm cherry bl ss ms

dl mattila
   Oakton, VA


Monument Valley
a feather takes its time
to land

Natalia L. Rudychev
    New York, NY

   under the umbrella
stopping to let the words
             sink in

Gary Hotham
    Scaggsville, MD


father's day
the pine board ramp
I wheel him down

Michael Blottenberger
    Hanover, PA


first crocus opening up about her bruise

Jeff Stillman
    Norwich, NY


new widower
the uneveness
of his sideburns

Caroline Giles Banks
    Minneapolis, MN


the age I am ready or not

Peter Newton
    Winchendon, MA