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storefront church . . .
in my heart
i feel the drumbeat

Charlotte Digregorio
    Winnetka, Illinois


inside the evening purse    her empty dance card

Seretta Martin
    San Diego, California


her letter . . .
I’d forgotten
paper can cut

Tom Tico
    San Francisco, California

you could never hide
your feelings

Bud Cole
    Ocean City, New Jersey


second whiskey sour
she stops fixing the spaghetti strap
when it slips

Robert Piotrowski
    Mississauga, Ontario

my daughter’s laughter . . .
the paper boat’s cargo
of cherry petals

Claire Everett
    North Yorkshire, England


in addition
to what's been said
kitten scratches

Aubrie Cox
    Taylorville, Illinois


broken shoestring budget

Cameron Mount
    Ocean City, New Jersey


women’s department
all the manikins headless
and size six

Kathe L. Palka
    Flemington, New Jersey

atop his column
the Southern general
dark against the stars

David G. Lanoue
    New Orleans, Lousianna


a little girl
on tiptoes
redwood tree

Victor Ortiz
    San Pedro, California

mountain hike
packing the spring
in tin canteens

Julie Warther
    Dover, Ohio


another talk
that’s only in my head . . .
summer rain

Stewart C. Baker
    Rancho Palos Verdes, California


basset hound her gift to me imaginary

Robert Epstein
    El Cerrito, California


rainy-day walk—
so much to say
under one umbrella

Faith-Anne Bell
    Baltimore, Maryland