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river of stars
I can't even explain

Tom Painting
    Alanta, Georgia


the loss of our farm land keeping the moon

Dan Schwerin
    Greendale, Wisconsin


long night—
too late to take back
the e-mail

Patricia J. Machmiller
    San Jose, California

black ice
the question
behind her question

Christopher Patchel
    Mettawa, Illinois


the night before Christmas—
father & son

Metod Češek
    Zagorje, Slovenia

pressed in his file
of Treasury statements—
a lock of my hair

Ruth Holzer
    Herndon, Virginia


mostly air
the first meal
after her last breath

Joyce Clement
    Bristol, Connecticut


creases in my cowboy boots old horizons

Chad Lee Robinson
    Pierre, South Dakota


waiting up . . .
the rain's rhythm
becomes a prayer

Ferris Gilli
    Marietta, Georgia

from the mountains
the cooling rain . . .
I lean on my shovel

Michael Fessler
    Kanagawa, Japan


spring again
I help my mother
sit up

Ernest Wit
    Warsaw, Poland

estate sale
a jar of baby teeth
for 25¢

John J. Dunphy
    Alton, Illinois


writer's block . . .
a sparrow waits
for crumbs

Joe Kirschner
    Evanston, Illinois


another bird dream probing the tenderness under a wing

Melissa Allen
    Madison, Wisconsin


I promise
I'll visit

paul m.
    Bristol Rhode, Island