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Tan Renga

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New Year's Day
the ice fishermen
in thin light

Tom Painting, New York

foreclosed mansion
from its swimming pool
sound of croaking

John J. Dunphy, Illinois


I give Madonna
two Snickers

James Tipton, Mexico

nobody wants
the dog

Ruth Holzer, Virginia


fall foliage—
your memory
in the passenger seat

Mary Kipps, Virginia

before the touch
a tremble
of the horse's skin

Natalia L. Rudychev, Illinois


jazz CD
myslicing knife
adjusts its tempo

Anne LB Davidson, Maine

wild chicory
I tell my daughter
the truth

Carolyn Hall, California


late swim
the pregnant woman
dries her belly first

Mary Stevens, New York

one by one
a son carries out
the contents of her life

Robert Epstein, California