Frogpond 32.2 • 2009

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Tan Renga

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second thoughts
I bid
on dad's accordian

Marcus Larsson, Sweden

man in the moon
she floats nude on her back
in the lake

William Cullen Jr., New York


trade-in lot
her dream catcher left
on the rear view

Dan Schwerin, Wisconsin

lunch hour
lobsters duel
in the tank

Jeremy Pendrey, California


spring snow
        gone as you
                get dressed

John Martone, Illinois

I read
my husband's mind—
summer wind

Peggy Willis Lyles, Georgia


bare maple
my daughter says
she'll come back

Yu Chang, New York

nothing more to say
what's left of the soup
thickens in the pot

Harriot West, Oregon


skinny dipping
her perfect swan dive
caught in headlights

Karen Reynolds, Massachusetts

Every so often
it mutters an archaic word
the toad

Shijûkara Iwashita