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Haiku Society of America By-laws

As amended 12/ 5/87, 12/2/ 92, 12/6/96, 12/1/02 and 11/20/03.

Article I: Name, Address and Purpose

1. This Society shall be known as the Haiku Society of America, Inc. (hereinafter "the Society"), incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation under the laws of the State of New York.

2. The organization’s official/legal address is:

The Haiku Society of America
PO Box 31
Nassau, NY 12123 USA.

and can be changed only by a Certificate of Amendment of Certificate of Incorporation of Haiku Society of America, Inc. under Section 803 of the not-for-Profit Corporation Law.

For all membership correspondence, please write to:

The Haiku Society of America
Mollie Danforth
4016 Harris Place
Alexandria, VA 22304

3. The purpose of the Society is to promote the appreciation and the writing of haiku.



Article II: Membership and Privileges

1. Membership in the Society shall consist of individuals who pay the annual dues established by the Executive Committee, or those designated honorary members.

2. Honorary membership may be recommended by any member and conferred by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

3. All members shall be entitled to vote, and shall be eligible to serve as officers and on committees.

4. Each member shall receive: A copy of these By-laws; an annual membership list, periodically updated; the Society's general information sheet; notices of meetings; timely announcements of contests; and issues of the Society's periodical publications.

Article III: Officers and Elections

1. The officers shall consist of a president, a first and second vice-president, a secretary, a treasurer, a periodical editor, a newsletter editor, and an electronic media officer (As amended 12/1/2002).

2. Nominations for the following year's officers shall be made by the nominating committee or by any member in person or by mail to the secretary at the third quarterly meeting of the Society. To be placed on the ballot each nominee must have accepted nomination.

3. Ballots shall be mailed at least thirty days prior to the last meeting of the year at which time they will be counted by the secretary who will notify all members at the next general meeting.

4. Officers shall assume office in January for a term of one year, and may run again in succeeding years.

5. The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers.

Article IV: Regional Coordinators

1. If the Executive Committee shall determine that regional coordinators are needed to further the goals of the Society, then the Executive Committee shall create a number of regions not greater than fifty, and establish boundaries of such regions so as to recognize the then existing geographical distribution of members. Number and boundaries of regions may be reviewed annually by the Executive Committee in conjunction with the regional coordinators of affected regions.

2. Candidates for regional coordinators for each region shall be nominated at the same time and in the same manner as officers except that both nominees of and candidates for regional coordinators must reside in their respective regions.

3. Names of candidates for regional coordinators shall be placed on the annual ballot mentioned in Article III, paragraph 4, and identified by region. A member may vote for regional coordinator in only one region, that in which the member resides.

4. The first Executive Committee to preside under these By-laws may, at its discretion, inaugurate the establishment of regional coordinators by means of a special election, provided that all other provisions of this article are adhered to.

Article V: Duties of Officers and Regional Coordinators

1. The president shall assume general supervision of the Society; preside at all regular and Executive Committee meetings; appoint committee members and chairpersons except as otherwise provided for in these By-laws; and assume responsibility for publicity and public relations, for which a special assistant may be named if so required. With the approval of a majority of the Executive Committee, the president may contract for services on behalf of the Society.

2. The first vice-president shall assist the president with the responsibilities described above, which may include coordination of an Annual Conference, and shall perform the duties of the president in the latter's absence. The second vice-president shall assist the president with the responsibilities described above, which shall include coordination of HSA contests. (As amended December 2, 1992.)

3. The secretary shall prepare and keep minutes of the meetings of the Society and of the Executive Committee; maintain an up-to-date membership list; and be responsible for mailings of the Society to the general membership.

4. The treasurer shall receive all of the Society's funds; keep detailed account books; make a report at each meeting of the Society; present an annual report at the third meeting of each year; and prepare all financial reports required by the government. The treasurer shall be responsible for keeping all financial records for the preceding three years, or for such other interval as may be established by applicable government agencies.

5. The editor shall design, edit, and produce the periodical publication of the Society, and may enlist the aid of associate editors.

6. The regional coordinators shall keep the Society's president, secretary and editor informed of activities relevant to the goals of the Society in their respective regions. Regional coordinators are encouraged to conduct such programs and activities as a majority of the members of the Society residing in their regions may desire. Regional coordinators may convene regional meetings at times and places convenient to members living in their regions, provided all Society members residing in the region and the president and secretary of the Society are notified at east thirty days in advance of such meetings. Meetings so convened may be described as "Regional Meetings of the Haiku Society of America, Inc.", but may not conduct business on behalf of the Society as a whole.

Article VI: Dues

1. Dues for the next year shall be determined by the Executive Committee before the calendar year ends, and shall be payable at the beginning of the new year.

Article VII: Committees

1. The Executive Committee, by a simple majority, may establish such standing committees as it deems fit, and elect chairpersons thereof.

2. The president shall have the authority to appoint such ad hoc committees as shall be needed from time to time to conduct the business of the society. The president may appoint chairpersons of these committees, or may allow the members of such committees to elect their own chairpersons from among the appointed committee members. These committees may include, but need not be limited to: nominating committees; contest or prize committees such as the Henderson Award for haiku and the Merit Book Awards; special program committees; and the like. Each ad hoc committee shall be disbanded upon the acceptance of its final report by the Society, such report to be made to the membership at a quarterly or annual meeting.

Article VIII: Meetings

1. The Society shall hold four quarterly meetings each year, the third to be concurrent with the annual meeting. Each meeting shall consist of two parts: a business meeting conducted by the president, and a program open to the general public. A simple majority of members present shall decide questions which come before the Society, except otherwise provided for in these By-laws. A full account of the annual meeting, including the Treasurer's Report, shall be sent to all members.

2. Executive Committee meetings shall be convened by the president or at the request of any officer. Action by the Executive Committee shall require approval by a simple majority of the members of the Executive Committee, whether present or absent.

3. All business meetings of the Society shall be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order.

Article IX: Amendments

1. Amendments to these By-laws may be proposed by the Executive Committee, by a committee formed for the purpose, or by petition of any ten members, sent to the president. Within three months of receipt, ballots containing the proposed change must be sent to the entire membership, with a deadline of thirty days from mailing for return. The ballots shall be counted at an Executive Committee meeting. Of those responding, a two-thirds vote in favor of an amendment shall ratify it.

2. The complete text of a ratified amendment, or the revised By-laws, must be sent to all members within thirty days of ratification. Unless otherwise provided in the text of the amendment, it shall take effect immediately upon ratification. (As published in Frogpond XI:1, February, 1988. Amendments to Article III:1 and Article V:2 were published in Newsletter of January 25, 1993.)

Amendments to The Haiku Society of America By-laws as ratified December 1, 2002

Amendment 1. Article III, Section 1 is amended as follows: The officers shall consist of a president, a first and second vice-president, a secretary, a treasurer, a periodical editor, and a newsletter editor.

Amendment 2. Article V, Section 6 is amended as follows: The newsletter editor shall design, edit, and produce the Society's newsletter. (Former Section 6 is renumbered 7).

Amendment 3. Article III, Section 1 is amended as follows: The officers shall consist of a president, a first and second vice-president, a secretary, a treasurer, a periodical editor, a newsletter editor, and an electronic media officer.

Amendment 4. Article V, Section 8 is created as follows: The electronic media officer shall design, edit and produce a Society website.

These amendments were ratified by a two-thirds majority of those responding to the amendment proposal, as included on the annual ballot for the election of HSA Officers, December 1, 2002.

Howard Lee Kilby, HSA Secretary

Amendment to The Haiku Society of America By-laws as ratified in 2003

Amendment 5. Article III, Section 4 is amended as follows: The President fills Executive Committee vacancies between annual elections with the consent of a simple majority of the Executive Committee.

Karen Klein, HSA Secretary, reported that this amendment passed with 153 Yea, 1 Nay, 1 Abstain.

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