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Resources for Teachers

The Education Committee of the Haiku Society of America is pleased to announce the 4th edition of our packet, Resources for Teachers. The packet, designed for those teaching haiku to students of all ages (elementary school through adult), includes the following materials:

  • a statement of learning objectives

  • a curriculum prepared by the British Haiku Society

  • "The Haiku Habit Workshop," a curriculum developed by Jeanne Emrich

  • The Classic Tradition of Haiku, An Anthology by Faubion Bowers (Dover 1996)

  • Haiku Compass: Directions in the Poetical Map of the United States of America by William J. Higginson

  • amphora, a chapbook of poems and sumi-e paintings by the middle school students of Tom Painting (new to the 4th editon of the packet)

  • a recent issue of Frogpond

  • a booklet of exemplary haiku by high school students

  • bibliographies for teachers and students

  • a selected list of web sites

  • and the HSA Publications List.

The packet of materials is no longer available.


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