HSA Election Results for 2004

200 members voted in the election for Officers and Regional Coordinators for 2004. The total numbers for each candidate, however, do not always add up to 200 because members often did not cast a vote for every office and left some blank. The results are:


President: Charles Trumbull 197 votes

1st Vice President: Michael Dylan Welch 185 votes

2nd Vice President: Tom Painting 193 votes

Secretary: Karen Klein 195 votes

Treasurer: Paul Miller 145 votes

Tom Borkowski 48 votes

Frogpond Editor: Jim Kacian 187 votes

Newsletter Editor: Pamela Miller Ness 197 votes

Electronic Media Officer: Curtis Dunlap 195 votes

Regional Coordinators

Northeast: Larry Rungren 23 votes

Northeast Metro: Efren Estevez 36 votes

Southeast: Wyman Rousseau 23 votes

South: Howard Lee Kilby 11 votes

Midwest: Joe Kirchner 23 votes

Plains and Mountains: Lynn Fawcett 5 votes

Southwest: Marlene Egger 9 votes

California: Yvonne Cabalona 26 votes

Northwest: Marilyn Sandall 24 votes

Alaska: Cindy Zackowitz 1 vote

Hawaii/Pacific: Darold Braida 3 votes

Japan: Sosuke Kanda 5 votes 1 abstention


Our renewals for 2004 are coming in at a steady pace. As of December 1, 2003, we have 354 renewals for 2004, 17 paid in advance for 2005, 10 new members for 2004. Some new members are still joining for 2003. Since October 15, 13 new members joined for 2003.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Klein

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